Word Flow: Self-Sabotage

Hello :)

What shall we talk about today?


Ok, I'm currently listening to the song 'Fuck With Myself' by Banks...so lets go with that.

Let's talk about how we f*ck with ourselves, daily.

In other words...one of the minds favourite games: Self-sabotage.

This happens when we feel so damn good that it actually feels a bit weird...like, pinch me! Things don't usually work out this well for me!
Then sure enough, you're back where you started and convinced that it was too good to be true and temporary.
What actually happened is a different story.
Your mind is probably used to feelings like stress, scarcity, anxiousness, not-enoughness (because these are the common feelings that go with the collective narrative of society).
So when you're feeling too good to be true, your mind will naturally (and sneakily) self-sabotage it's way back to those familiar feelings because familiarity=safety. The context is irrelevant...familiarity=safety according to the mind.

Let's explore an example...

I'm used to my skin being on the rough, red, dry and breakout prone side. For a few days it is glowing. I've noticed it and other people have too. Yay! Suddenly I feel confident, I feel like I'm on the right track...I believe the skin represents the whole so I'm excited at the prospect of finally piecing together the puzzle that is my health. The facial massage, the healthy eating, the stretching, the mediation- it's working!
Confidence? On the right track? Uh-oh..unfamiliar territory. Alert, alert. Must go back to old feelings because that is what I (the mind) deem as safe and therefore best chances of survival.
So maybe i'll unconsciously start picking at my face, start second guessing my new habits, eat a tonne of junk food and suddenly I'm back where I started.
I KNOW what is good for me.
I KNOW what is not good for me.
But, without our intervention and awareness; the mind is so incredibly powerful when it comes to safety mode.
The only way to move forward with your new healthy habits and actually sustain them is to be present, conscious and aware as often as you can. As soon as you let auto-pilot take over...your survival hungry nervous system takes control and adjusts your life according to it's goal: survival via familiarity.

Please watch the videos below for an extended explanation. This started out as a silly post but this psychological issue is very important. I talk about it extensively in my (yet to be released) ebook because learning about self-sabotage changed my life. Once you learn this, things will never be the same.


Meditation and mindfulness have helped me discover and overcome issues like this. Click here to find out more if you're interested in becoming the master of your beautiful yet misunderstood mind, rather than a slave to it's repetitive ways.


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