Why oh why would I love and appreciate the very things I tried to externally heal and hide for so many years?

I like to think I am a relatively healthy person. I love eating healthy food, practicing self care rituals, spending time out doors and all the other good stuff that keeps the human body happy.
I also enjoy decadent desserts, drinking beer, ordering takeaway and watching Netflix, and all the other things that aren't so good for the human body.

When I don't get enough sleep and rest, I get bags under my eyes, they start to droop and I notice some lines and wrinkles. Instead of piling on the products like I used to, I now listen to these signals and prioritise rest, sleep, meditation, alone time.

When I am spending time thinking and worrying about the past or future, I notice lines across my forehead and between my eyebrows. This is a reminder to be aware of how much energy I am giving to thoughts, and a suggestion to be more present.

When I get pimples I am reminded that perhaps I have been consuming too much sugar, and that a good dose of veggies would be beneficial! I also check in with my digestive and lymphatic systems, are they functioning well? Could they use some extra support? What about trapped emotions...is there something within me that needs to be expressed or released? Perhaps, feelings of anger and frustration.

When my skin is inflamed, red and dry I check in with my skincare practices, am I being too aggressive with the products I am using or the way I apply them? Could it be an emotional issue, am I protecting myself, my energy? How has my diet been lately, could I do with more greens or healthy fats? 

My body has always communicated with me through my skin, I just didn't realise it until quite recently. As a person who aims to be healthy, but lacks the discipline and motivation to do so all of the time...I now appreciate and love the way my skin guides me and let's me know when I need more rest, nutrients, water, sleep, meditation, exercise and so on.

I used to get cold sores, I used to always get sick, wake up tired with a head ache.
Now that I have been listening to the subtle messages of my skin instead of trying to get rid of them, my whole life has changed and I rarely experience these things.
Because my body no longer feels the need to take such drastic action to force me to do the right thing. I trust my body and know it is always working in my favour. .
Everybody is different...but if you become quiet enough, if you are ready to be guided by your own inner intelligence, I encourage you to shift your perspective of flaws/symptoms and experience a whole new depth health and healing

If you follow me, you may recognise this post from Instagram. A few weeks after I shared it, I was contacted by the owner/founder of Apoterra Skincare. She asked if I would be interested in elaborating on this idea and writing an article for their site.
This was such an exciting opportunity, and although I was way out of my comfort zone of course I agreed. For my first paid writing job I was a little bit proud of how it turned out :) 
If you'd like to read it, click here 
Typical me, I went way over the word limit and so we divided it into two parts, here is part II


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