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Holistic skincare doesn't just consider the whole body, it also considers the whole planet and all the beings that live here. A holistic approach to skincare should be simple. The skin is a complex organ, the body is an intelligent organism- which is why caring for both should only involve minimal intervention and supportive ingredients + practices.

My skincare routine has become so, so simple it is almost non-existent. It mainly consists of applying oil, hydrosol and nurturing touch on a daily basis. As I always say though, skincare is fun! And so I still love making skin food potions when I'm in the mood for some extra TLC.

Here are some of my favourite skin food ingredients...

Daily essentials:

I think everybody needs a face oil. Not just for the healing and nourishing effects, but also to use for your facial massage. You could spend hours, days, weeks (maybe even months) researching the huge variety of carrier oils we can use on our skin. You could learn about absorption rates, chemical composition, comedogenic ratings...but at the end of the day, healthy skin loves plant oils. 
After spending a lot of time researching and experimenting, I finally realised that it wasn't one particular oil that was going to heal my skin- it was a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing. Oils are simply tools we can use to cleanse, provide our skin with extra nourishment and improve slip for our massages. 
My favourites, which are easy to find and generally well-tolerated by most skin conditions include : Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, apricot kernel oil and macadamia oil.
I like to infuse mine with skin loving herbs such as calendula, rose, lavender and chamomile.
You can find DIY ingredients and recipes here

If you're planning on replacing your moisturiser with oil, click here to find out why you will need to mix it with an aqueous ingredient (like hydrosol) in order to properly hydrate the skin.
Hydrosols are great for misting over the face for a lovely refresh, blending with oil to create a moisturiser or adding to your face mask potions. I personally love rose, lavender and rosemary. You can make your own by watching youtube videos, purchase from a health food store or online at Biome. If you're not in Australia, you could try New Directions or Mountain Rose Herbs.

That's it. Hydrosol, oil and massage (or sometimes nothing). I never thought I'd get to the point of feeling good with absolutely nothing on my face, because maybe it was a bit oily, a bit dry, a bit red- whatever.
I went from makeup everyday to no makeup at all,  from relying heavily on skincare products to using almost nothing. My skin has been healing and I have finally reached a point where I don't feel the need to intervene.

Kitchen staples:

By now you're probably used to me going on and on and on about oats. In short, they are a wonderfully soothing and nourishing food for the skin. They also contain natural soap-like chemicals called saponins (which protect the plant from predators) making them a beautiful, gentle cleanser. Oat baths are often suggested by dermatologists for those with chronic, inflamed skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. To read more, simply search 'oatmeal' in the top right.
I use oatmeal in the bath, in face masks and in cleansing powders. Simply find some high quality, organic oats and grind into a powder. Tap through a fine sieve and store in a jar.

Almond meal
I love adding almond meal into my face masks as they are very rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin become clear, soft and supple. The grains are also great for providing very gentle exfoliation.

Take half a teaspoon and lather it all over your face.
This is the first skin food mask I ever tried and is what inspired me to learn more about the world of DIY edible skincare. Honey is a powerful antiseptic and can be used as a spot treatment to speed up the healing of pimples and wounds. It is a natural humectant, helping the skin retain moisture, improves tone and texture and helps to prevent free-radical damage (premature ageing of the skin). As always, you will need to use a high quality honey to enjoy the benefits. 

The natural lactic acid exfoliating face mask. This helps to very gently dissolve excess waste and debris from the skins surface. It is also rich in zinc, B vitamins and calcium which help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The cooling and brightening effect of yoghurt improves skin tone and calms irritation. 
Substitutes for yoghurt which have a similar exfoliating effect include mango and papaya. Simply take the pulpy side of the peel and rub it all over the face, like this.

Other fruits which have wonderful skin benefits include banana, avocado, strawberry...and more! I read about this when completing my Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Certain fruits can work wonders on the skin, and the reasons fresh fruit isn't used in facial treatments? (it said this in my study material)
1. Messy and inconvenient
2. No opportunity for profit in product sales
Fair enough...but convenience always comes with a cost, and that cost is usually in the form of excessive, wasteful packaging and harmful synthetic ingredients.


I love using clays in the bath, in foot soaks and in face masks. My favourites are Australian red clay, yellow clay and kaolin clay. 
Bath: 1/4 cup with other ingredients such as petals, oils, salts and oatmeal.
Face mask: Mix 1-2 teaspoons with ingredients of choice, browse previous posts for inspiration.
Foot soak: Two tablespoons of clay, two tablespoons of epsom salts and 1-2 drops of essential oil is bliss (try lavender to relax and peppermint to refresh)
For more recipes including hair masks and dry shampoo, visit Biome DIY skincare blog.

If making your own is not your style, I can highly recommend the following:
- Apoterra Skincare (use code FLOWSKINxAPOTERRA for 10% off your first order)
- Aika Wellness
- Laurel Skin
- Sodashi
- Mukti Organics
- Edible Beauty
I also make bespoke skincare products, if you'd like to find out more feel free to get in touch 

Remember, the best skincare tools you have are your own two hands. So get massaging :)
Did you know that many celebrities receive a stimulating facial massage before attending red carpet events? It really is the best kept beauty secret, and I don't know how it has stayed a secret for so long! Again, skincare is fun...but please never be convinced that you need anything more than a simple oil and your own nurturing touch.
I will say this over and over and over. Your skin is so capable, so wise, so intelligent, so resilient.
Forget everything you have been taught about skincare for a few weeks. Give your skin the time and space to show you that it thrives and glows best in an environment of trust, unconditional love and minimal intervention.
Yes, it may take some time to heal. Yes, it might feel wrong at first to do less and get out of the vicious cycle of product reliance/addiction.
I must admit for a while there I thought I was doing the wrong thing...but I'm so glad I persisted. I resisted the urge to scrub away my flaws, I listened to what they had been trying to tell me all along and I'm now more comfortable in my skin than ever before.
Don't believe me? Salmah from Empowered Skincare and beauty reporter Jessica DeFino are committed to providing you with all the skincare truth's along with the scientific evidence. Make sure you follow their work if this subject is of interest to you.

Thanks for reading :)

*Please note as of very recently, I will earn a small commission should you choose to click on the links to Biome and make a purchase. This is mutually beneficial for myself and Biome, and is no extra cost to you. I will only ever work with and direct my readers to companies I respect and who align with my holistic, sustainable and ethical approach to self-care.
I have spent a lot of time putting these posts together, experimenting on myself, investing in education and endlessly researching. The idea of making a bit of money from it in a way that benefits everyone is really exciting because I so want to keep sharing information for free, and this makes it a lot easier to do so :) 


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