INTENTION...what does it have to do with holistic skincare?

There is a lot of useful skincare knowledge out there, and I absolutely love sharing it with you.
But before you do anything, pause and think....what is my intention behind this action?

Am I doing this skincare practice because it feels amazing, is good for me and makes me feel healthy and relaxed? 
Or am I doing this skincare practice because I don't feel good enough.

Focus of feeling good FIRST, looking good is just a handy side effect.
Intention is the single most important aspect of holistic skincare...
So set your intention, ask the question and answer honestly.

Practicing rituals that support and enhance skin is a beautiful thing.
But if I, for example, go to make a face mask because I am feeling ashamed of what I look like, I'm fearful of not looking good enough and worried people will judge me (whatever it may be).
I stop. 
I don't want to feed and encourage this behaviour. 
I am now aware that trying to heal something with that sort of intention, with that sort of mindset won't get me anywhere.

So I stop. I go and do something that is going to make me feel happy and healthy- maybe a walk in nature, a swim in the ocean, creating some art. 
I know from my own experience that this is far more beneficial than any act of self-hate...sounds harsh I know, but that is what it is! 

One of the most damaging things in our society is not being 'enough' ( see ) we already have so many external factors constantly hinting that we are not good enough...don't let your thoughts contribute to this destructive behaviour.

You always have been and always will be enough. 
Tell yourself that every day, and stay aware of any subconscious actions/patterns that suggest otherwise...

Ask: Why am I doing this?

There is nothing quite like the glow of a person who is healthy and happy


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