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Simple, sustainable, minimalist skincare

Holistic Skincare minimal . simple . sustainable . ethical Holistic skincare doesn't just consider the whole body, it also considers the whole planet and all the beings that live here. A holistic approach to skincare should be simple. The skin is a complex organ, the body is an intelligent organism- which is why caring for both should only involve minimal intervention and supportive ingredients + practices. My skincare routine has become so, so simple it is almost non-existent. It mainly consists of applying oil, hydrosol and nurturing touch on a daily basis. As I always say though, skincare is fun! And so I still love making skin food potions when I'm in the mood for some extra TLC. Here are some of my favourite skin food ingredients... Daily essentials: Oil I think everybody needs a face oil . Not just for the healing and nourishing effects, but also to use for your facial massage. You could spend hours, days, weeks (maybe even months) r

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